Let our qualified and trained professionals to care for the health of our dear ladies


Medical examination of your little treasure will pass unnoticed here at the best doctors

Family doctor

Trust us health of the whole family in safe hands with the family doctor service


Qualified assistance from a leading specialist in skin diseases. Terms of privacy and comfort

Ear, Nose, Throat

Specialized diagnosis of inflammatory, allergic, traumatic and tumor diseases of the ear, nose and throat. Careful diagnosis of the patient and possibly treatment


Tests of pulmonary and cardiovascular system of the patient to draw up a diagnosis. Cardiograms analyze, verify the functioning of the lungs and similar studies


A team of professionals takes care of children with cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular disabilities, creating conditions for their equal participation in the life


It works the whole body to stimulate blood circulation, release toxins and normal flow of natural processes in the body

All of our patients receive attention, care and assistance for THEIR health problems.

The Clinic “Doctors 4 You” is the first Bulgarian clinic to open in London. Our team offers high quality medical services with guaranteed professionalism and modern equipment. Our doctors and medical practitioners are all highly qualified and work within a strong moral and ethical framework, alongside standards of good medical practice and using modern methods of diagnosis and treatment. The mission of the Clinic “Doctors 4 You” is to provide any patient in need of modern medical care access to timely and quality treatment, while protecting dignity and respect for their individual requirements.


We employ some of the best doctors in Eastern Europe


In our medical examination you will pass unnoticed in a pleasant atmosphere


Contemporary equipped laboratory that uses modern equipment

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May 7, 2018admin

Contact with dogs and farm animals during the first year of life reduces the risk of asthma in children at age 6, according to a study published on 2 November 2015 in JAMA Pediatrics. Researchers reviewed the records of all children born in Sweden between 1.01.2001 and 31.12.2010 – more than 1 million. The contact […]
May 7, 2018admin

A true feast for the skin and the senses. This brings lavender cosmetics. The essential oil with purple color contains many photochemicals, including linalool and linalyl acetate, geraniol, borneol, cinnol, pinen, camphor, terpinol, coumarin and others. Linalyl acetate is the most valuable substance of essential oil, but in Bulgarian it is lower than in French, […]
May 7, 2018admin

For many years it has been assumed that the main culprit for allergic reactions in the infant is his mother. However, this is not the case. Prolonged breastfeeding consultations show that children who are naturally eating very rarely develop allergic reactions, and even if they are present, breast milk neutralizes them. General prophylaxis 1 / […]


e Clinic “Doctors 4 You” is the first Bulgarian clinic to open in London. Our team offers high quality medical services with guaranteed professionalism and modern equipment.

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