Specialist Gynecologist

  1. Consultation, examination and treatment planning.
  2. Gynaecological   conditions diagnostic ultrasound scanning.
  3. Early pregnancy detection.
  4. Prophylactic examinations and consultation
  5. Sexually transmitted disease anonymous testing and treatment
  6. Menstrual cycle correction
  7. Family planning and contraception
  8. Ultrasound examination in pregnancy
  9. 3-4D ultrasound baby scan on DVD.
  10. Colposcopy
  11. Electrocoagulation
  12. Cervical smear tests
  13. Infertility investigations and treatment
  14. Referrals for further investigations and infertility treatment.
  15. Private prescription.

Clinic “Doctors 4 You” is the first Bulgarian clinic to open in London.We are an independent Healthcare provider regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission. Our team offers high quality medical services with guaranteed professionalism and modern equipment.

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